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About Aubier

We spend around 8 hours, every day in our beds. That makes 1/3 of our lives passed between the sheets.

For this reason, it's extremely important to choose the most comfortable and healthiest way to spend our nights.

Aubier, is the french word for 'sapwood', the soft white part of the wood under the cortex that surrounds and encircle the sap. Our Aubier bed sheets are meant, like the sapwood in the wood, to create a protective, breathable and ultra soft layer that envelops your body.

Made with 100% bamboo fabric, fiber well known, among many other wonderful  characteristics, for its natural antibacterial property that prevents odours and mantains your bed sheets fresher for longer.

Choosing a Natural way of Living means being more environmentally conscious. Is making better choices for yourself and the environment.

Aubier combine the Natural Living component with comfort without compromising character.

Choose between our collection your personal style and enrich your room with fresh natural elegance.

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